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Thought leaders collaborate in united mission to provide NHS with the vital PPE they require during the COVID-19 crisis

LONDON, 2020: As the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) reaches critical in the UK, an emergency working group - SHIELD (Sustainable Hub for Innovation, Execution, Launch and Distribution) - brings industry leaders and experts together in umbrella collaboration to create innovative solutions to meet the PPE demand, including cutting edge ‘printing hubs’ in London this week.

Currently for every patient being treated in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), between 30-40 sets of PPE are needed, per day. That means, over the projected course of the COVID-19 pandemic, one ICU could use up to 9.2 million sets of PPE to protect their staff from the virus.* SHIELD, emerging two weeks ago as a best-practice collaboration of independent PPE campaigns, came together to build supply streams in response to this need. Developing new designs for sustainable masks and visors in addition to other critical PPE on a mass scale, SHIELD’s aim is to support any coordinated national effort under one single mission to protect NHS frontline staff in the fight against COVID-19.

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Medical scrubs are a simple type of clothing worn by healthcare professionals to avoid contaminating their own clothes at work. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began there has been a national shortage of scrubs as more people have started to wear them to work.  

SHIELD has been working hard to address this need. We would like to welcome Sussex Seamstresses into our collaboration who have been working tirelessly to produce scrubs for NHS and care workers in East Sussex. Staffed by an amazing team of volunteers sewing at home, they have produced thousands of sets of scrubs, scrub caps and bags for care workers.

SHIELD are very excited to announce that with HEROES charity we have recently purchased enough fabric to produce about 20,000 pairs of scrubs for workers who need them most. We will be looking for keen volunteers to help us to make this happen over the next few weeks!

We are also working hard to develop a long-sleeved washable gown to help further protect healthcare staff from infection by the coronavirus.  

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming few weeks!